Why are dating sites a waste of time?

Online dating is a priceless field for finding a soul mate- it is easy to say such a wrong statement, although eHarmony claims that 20% of successful relationships began online, new research has it that finding a soul mate online is just pure luck unless the partners have met before. It is nearly impossible to predict whether people with the same character or trait will fall in love after meeting each other.

Fraudulent dating sites

Due to the increase in the number of people looking for love partners, there has been a record increase in online dating sites to meet this demand. Fraudsters have spotted a niche in online dating sites scamming vulnerable love deprived humans. The fake sites have been developed; they use one particular trick to employ fake potential partners. The fake potential partners assist in swindling money from unsuspecting site clients by arranging fake meetups and requesting money for the relationships to proceed.

Impressive computer technology

‘I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food.’ One day, I will have to review this quote and apologize to technology; computer scientists have continued to astonish us day in and day out. Dating sites are now using computer algorithms to predict who’s hot and who’s not; however, it has been hard to predict if there will be a unique desire between two specific people. The algorithms can match people’s profiles, but predicting if they will have a mutual desire to enter into a relationship is impossible.

It’s hard to establish personal contact

Bonding is essential in a relationship. It is facilitated through activities that involve touch. Many clients cannot establish personal contact due to geographical distance, or sometimes some people maybe un-interested. The inability to establish personal contact leads to trust issues, and it also affects the vibrancy of the relationship due to lack of date nights no spending time together.

In summary, despite having a negative side, dating sites are also good places for potential love-seekers to think rationally. Many people have also been able to find soul mates in these sites, luck being a major factor to prosperity. Don’t be discouraged; you can dip your feet to the sea and feel the waters yourself but with caution.

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Flavio said

She walked into a class almost in a melee, laden with a white girlish sling bag. Her stance was almost haggard, almost sluggish. I would say maybe because of the staircase leading to our class which was on the first floor. Even me, right in the thick of my teen hood had found the stairs tiresome at times. Everyone made for their seats and in no time normalcy was restored. As she put down her bag, she posed the question everyone poses when new at a place, ‘Does anybody know my name?’.

‘Miss K.K.’ I shouted from my desk and the whole class broke into helpless sinister laughters. Even madam standing before her new English class could not help with it. She tried to fight a smirk that was almost bursting into a smile on her cheeks but to no avail. Incidentally, that very morning, I had made a point…

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Final chapter.
Iam good in many things,but the only thing I do better than being kind is walking away from a table where trust isn’t part of the menu, worse betrayal. As a matter of survival I have always conditioned myself to only enter into spaces whose boundaries I define. The spaces I enter into can’t and should never lack the fundamental building block of trust which to me is the most primary. Well, sometimes I let my guard down and without my knowledge have other people dictate or choose for me where they want me. Upon my realization, there are only two things, the first option is that I walk away which is the one I deem best and most preferred, or two though rarely, stay only when and if iam allowed to review the rules guiding that particular space and deciding whether they are worth staying for.

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Put the song sheets down, pack the flags away. It was a humiliation so abject that it would qualify as some kind of Uber loss, one that would sting even to the scar tissues of all former accumulated losses. 25th August 2007,my ears had to bear news of the loss of my greatest crony. It was a doom day for me, and for every other person that gave a pinch of dry turd mzee was breathing. From the word go, the gap that came with his demise could be felt.
Am made to believe that even ten grown ass men would have a hard time fitting in his shoes. A perfect emulation of mzee remains something impossible almost like pouring beer into a pint glass. The homestead was full to the brink, with wailing women and sobbing men. I let my self sit in a corner, heaving under my sobs…

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Why the first weeks of dating feel so good

Ever had those magical few weeks of dating? Where everything you say to each other or talk about feels so sweet. You have finally found a person that matches your energy, emotions and has an interesting character. In a few weeks, everyone strives to give their best to the relationship to sustain it.

           The ecstasy of admitting feelings to someone. In the first few weeks of dating there is a strong attraction between two love birds; admitting feelings to someone is euphoric. Both of you are living the moment knowing you belong to someone your heart and soul. Admitting feelings is one of the pillars of a new relationship; hence one needs to know if there is a mutual feeling.

            The feeling of optimism and various relationship goals. After being single or lonely for a long time, you feel optimistic that you will build a life together. Many lovers have hope that the relationship will last long; they believe they will have a lasting connection to fulfill their dreams. New relationships have future goals of building successful businesses, the right house, and generally a desirable quality of life. Who wouldn’t want a good vacation in one of the most coveted sceneries in the world? Couples promise each other merry in suitable places in the world.

              Curiosity and a new relationship excitement make the first weeks of dating overwhelming. In the first few weeks, both partners are curious to know each other more, their lifestyle, character, beliefs. All this curiosity is to evaluate whether or not you’re fit for each other. Having someone that cares for you, checks on you, and a shoulder to lean on is very important; hence on forges forward trying to make the relationship work, bringing excitement.

 They have time for each other, either having fun or keep each other company. Who doesn’t want a person you can move from place to place just having fun and playing games with? In life, everyone deserves some love.  First few weeks, both partners have time for each other, long late-night calls, frequent visits, and touring places of interest to spend time together. Having a person who calls to check on you after a busy day brings a feeling of happiness and belonging.

         Letting your family and friend meet a new person in your life. Opening to someone emotionally and letting them meet your family is a huge step. It brings joy and a feeling of trust in interacting with your partner’s family. It brings confidence that the relationship is going to last.

           It is one of the few weeks where you see another person as perfect, even if it’s temporary. The two lovers have this perception because you’re each putting your best foot forward. You are receiving each other calls, immediate replies to texts, and checking on each other frequently. Everyone believes that they have met a perfect match.

            A feeling of trust and contentment brings excitement. Having someone with you share your secrets, insecurities, and a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble. It gives a feeling of satisfaction to have someone who cares and can share your worries with.

           Hormones in our brains are wired to be excited about novelty. A new relationship gives a personal ego, to share your personal stories with someone who has not already heard any of them. They respond with curiosity, and validation gives a feeling of gratification. It is joyful to have a person who finds you attractive. There is a rewarding feeling when a new person reveals that you have something in common.

             Anything new is exciting. Treading on the new ground is always adventurous. The first few weeks of dating bring new sexual experiences. They are feelings of intimacy, discovering how your partner works. The first few weeks feel good due to shared interests. There is a deep mutual sense of friendship. The partners are interested in each and what’s happening in their world’s partners share values. With time they collect memories within this time. This is the period that lovers cultivate a kind of connection with each other.

           The first few weeks seem good because partners challenge each other. After all, they don’t want to lose each other the fear of breakups pushes people to make the relationship work by making significant efforts. The first weeks are the best, but people should be careful not to over trust but tread carefully.