Why are dating sites a waste of time?

Online dating is a priceless field for finding a soul mate- it is easy to say such a wrong statement, although eHarmony claims that 20% of successful relationships began online, new research has it that finding a soul mate online is just pure luck unless the partners have met before. It is nearly impossible to predict whether people with the same character or trait will fall in love after meeting each other.

Fraudulent dating sites

Due to the increase in the number of people looking for love partners, there has been a record increase in online dating sites to meet this demand. Fraudsters have spotted a niche in online dating sites scamming vulnerable love deprived humans. The fake sites have been developed; they use one particular trick to employ fake potential partners. The fake potential partners assist in swindling money from unsuspecting site clients by arranging fake meetups and requesting money for the relationships to proceed.

Impressive computer technology

‘I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food.’ One day, I will have to review this quote and apologize to technology; computer scientists have continued to astonish us day in and day out. Dating sites are now using computer algorithms to predict who’s hot and who’s not; however, it has been hard to predict if there will be a unique desire between two specific people. The algorithms can match people’s profiles, but predicting if they will have a mutual desire to enter into a relationship is impossible.

It’s hard to establish personal contact

Bonding is essential in a relationship. It is facilitated through activities that involve touch. Many clients cannot establish personal contact due to geographical distance, or sometimes some people maybe un-interested. The inability to establish personal contact leads to trust issues, and it also affects the vibrancy of the relationship due to lack of date nights no spending time together.

In summary, despite having a negative side, dating sites are also good places for potential love-seekers to think rationally. Many people have also been able to find soul mates in these sites, luck being a major factor to prosperity. Don’t be discouraged; you can dip your feet to the sea and feel the waters yourself but with caution.

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